Observing the process in our educational system

working in a group
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Sitting all alone wondering what lies ahead of the current government dispensation on  is premedetated or his dream that has come into reality “the free quality education”  if my instincts can serve me Well many government have come and gone without setting up the space to good and quality education. We have seen instances were students has tripple . the actual capacity of the school going pupils have far outweigh the available class room. Less structures …the facilities of some schools “Some private schools” can cope and survive and succeed with the government current motive of education.  Many government schools cannot leave up to this expectation of the current government free quality education.  I tell you the reason there are some schools which I  know that hardly  complete the syllabus.

Moreover when we talk about education we must always mind our words base on what is at hand.  In a situation were  senior secondary school pupil will go to take and exams that will opportune them to college, that the time you will see all forms of indecipline in the exams Hall. Teachers (male) will Accept to sleep with school going pupils just in return for excellence results of the girls. At the end girls mainly will enter college empty headed also as for some boys.  When they are at large I mean the universe they sometimes don’t give anything in return to Society, because they have been ruined all their educational life during their schooling.

In addition Mr President you brought up a good initiative please make sure to increase spending in that sector”educatoonal” because if what you have pronounced if you really mean it please build more class rooms, please add values in teachers. Everyone pass through teachers  the elite  for what they are today. But what I see is a situation where I have all the knowledge to teach I pass it on I earn one cent  the receivers have millions.  This is a situation that has sincerely kept our country educational system backward .were people have certain agenda for their teachings. Increase the salaries of teachers and give them more practical values just watch them after that you will start to see the changes in our educational system. I hope we succeed as a country good bless everyone that is trying to play his or part in advancing the educational system in the world today.

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