investment you could have made !!!

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many struggle today can be pointed to our own  negligence of not taking action. looking to the current dispensation and the global trend of overpopulation, one could have imagined how far we have come from the days of saying our time will be better. many professions today have arise, with many professional in every areas. however the jobs readily available can not matched up the current population which is true. people that have gone through the hierarchy of getting themselves university education must however take the radical steps in creating a livelihood for themselves and the generation to come. Procrastination is the current war we must fight which is  somehow embedded in us.  with regards the subject choices we could have made are as follows:

entrepreneurship: the solution of the globe cannot be solved if we skipped business. I always say  we are all gifted one way or the other, imagine a situation where you have go and come back from the university with a certificate  in any field of study it is your responsibility to implement what you have learned especially in a world where the chance or chances of you getting employment is 0.3%. we are witnessing many changes with regards to technology and the effect is immense to our daily lives, in  order to be in line with this changes we must take action now and that action is us engaging in business.

learning any trade: learning any trade could have been and investment if only we could know. In our today’s world we have so many trades to learn in other to help us become self reliant… however learn trade and trust the process you will surely achieved benefit, the most dangerous thing is to start learn the trade and give up on the way, persistent should be the culture.

networking: networking is a new phenomenon, which for me i say is and investment, a situation where you have got your qualification in certain field of study…and job searching becomes difficult networking is the way out! you can even starts by informing you family to keep informing prominent people that you have certain qualification. you can also do networking in the process of attending programs or events that connect people or inspire people, trust me if your qualification served the right purpose  you would eventually learn yourself a job where you will start getting your livelihood.

Some common misconceptions about start-up !!!


It is of the belief that their are so many people worrying from every angles with regard misconceptions to start-up. However, those who have misconstrued what is friction and what is not is unmeasurable. The facts is procrastination as been centered right in the middle of our decisions, in a case were strong focused mind wanted to start investment is becoming more delicate as they hold so many views about start-up. Below are few things you need to know about start-up.

1. Risk is higher and unpredictable: it is always said were their no risk there is little or no gain, which I passionately believe in. Risk to start-up is a misconception as life it self is a risk. startups should keep their heads high and focus on there plans on how their objectives could be achieved as that should be the focus. The risk involved in not taking the Believe that there is good in any efforts you do.

2. I see no success: it is evidence that a greater proportion of the world has ended up being a procrastinator. Whenever I see business I see hope! and last long freedom of time,money, family and wealth. However, the problems normally comes when people are in haste to succeed in the short run, many failed businesses had failed because of their quickness in realizing a profit.

3. No stable Market: it is true that the market is not stable an it would never be stable owing to the fact there are factors which are evidence which are driving forces in the market… Ranging from exchange rate, import and export, tariffs and competition. These are factors which make the business not to be stable. A greater misconception is when you believed the market is stable or should be stable.

How to sell your business to a skeptic ???



The competition of this century is immense, everyone wants his or her share in the market especially when selling product or service. Skepticism among the customers is quadruple, as they have lot of choices this days in terms of products and services. The producer selling his products and services this days has to grappling with lot of rivalry among it competitors in the midst of competition.
Moreover, skepticism can be related to a situation where people thinking… Tells them something is not correct! Where in actual essence is factual, correct and has true in it enteritis.
Below are some ways on how you can sell your business to a skeptic:

(1). There is a problem: I belief going into serious business gives the impression that there is a problem… And that problem has a solution. The solution lies in your hand. ones you know that you have the capability of solving the said problem, there your stand a chance of selling your brilliant ideas to a skeptic. As he (skeptic) would no longer see your product or service as a waste of time.

(2). Have a niche. Having a niche plays an important role in the business dispensation. Serious business would give an accurate data or information about the product or service they offer… Straight to the point. What is your niche ??? In a situation like this your should be able to answer from an informed position, for example by saying my niche is the cooperate or the middle class. When a skeptic asked such questions and you reply as such, in that case you stand a big change of winning a sale.

3. Other people are doing the same: lot of us had failed before even starting the business. In a situation, where you see others are doing something similar compare to your ideas, is not enough reason or reasons to say I would or should back off from my ideas. I say is a chance of you proving to skeptic that despite the businesses look the same mine has some key leverage or attributes that they don’t have. It could be medical benefits, it could be warranty, it could be safety. With such distinct, I can comfortably say then you stand a chance of selling your brilliant ideas to that skeptic.