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The effect of high interest rate to start-ups !!!

The percentage of an amount of money charged for its use per some period of time. In the financial dialect it can also be said to be the total additional amount that is charge upon request of certain money. However, several ways are there today in getting funds for startups, but the big question is […]
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Consumer price inflation and its effect on households!!

It is evident of the fact that when there is inflation the effect on households income is always immense. Owing to the fact that consumer price is the level of prices of all goods and services that consumer are willing to pay for at a given time, thus if the Price or prices are low […]
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The important things you need to succeed in a business.

Things are changing. The effect of globalization has been felt; continuously people are grappling with the phenomenon on how to set up business to succeed in the midst of the enormous challenges that is widespread throughout the globe. However, are we secure as business people? The answer is big NO, we are not. In the […]
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