Sierra Leone Job Wahala

Living in Sierra Leone is fine and great when you have all what it takes to survive. Sierra Leone portray truly the saying of Charles Darwin, who says survival of the fittest. In meaning only the strangest of the strong will survive.

In my quite moment I always think about the scaring report that was publish on UNDP-SL website, which state that eight hundred thousand people (youths) are actively in search of job. However, these youths are healthy, able, and qualified but they can not find job.
In a depensation of complete joblessness, the noun “dignity” is obsolete. In an instance of job offer that is suppose to be carried out by a BECE holder or a non school goers, here the case is different degree holder in communication or Business will compete too for that same job.
In such a case I see a society that produce things they don’t want and hoping to have something of un imaginary. Sometimes I asked myself are we still in slavery? The reason being a lot of articles have came up, pointing that slavery has being abolished.
In the former, some people were saying we have been librated which I say is not true from our ways of doing things.
Pending down this article, I am of the believe that the government will change this current dispensation. As things stand I want the government to note that there are lot of people going to bed hungry everyday.
I want also the government to not that many people these days are having lot of illnesses because of not having a job. Not having a job when you are qualified able and willing to work also has it on psychological effect which I want the government to note.
In that instance were you have acquired a certificate and that certificate cannot put food on the table is a cause for alarm.
Coming up as a Young man  in this part of the world I had hardly hear people saying I want to be a police, soldier, and prison officer, now this has change as many careers aspirations has been alter along the line as there are no alternatives to make choices. Now you can get job of a bit higher magnitude in the police, soldier and prison, careers which were far not consider.
Government please up your game  by encouraging more foreign direct investment. encourage the central banks and commercial banks to give more soft loans so many people will get themselves involved in business.
However, this condition or state of affair must look into seriously as to preserved our fragile democracy.

The Dilemma

Propaganda is being seen everywhere today even the best countries in development are into to propaganda to successfully drive their agenda of me myself and I , which speaks to the rampant corruption, nepotism, and the winner take all syndrome. Massive unemployment rate and unfair distribution of wealth to the suffering mass is seen everywhere today. As stated in a report 8 richest people in the world today wealth can even enough to suffice the entire global poverty line rate that is constantly increasing instead of decreasing.

However, to solve this, here are things every government need to do to quench the thirst of the scavengers if I may put it.

1. Encourage massive development in the social economic wellbeing of it citizens that is of accessible to all, without any bias, favour, colour, region, religion or sentiment.

2. Develop credit founding hubs: credit founding hub is of greater important if really government in the twenty first century are to succeed in what they had promised. Many a time because it is so difficult to access finance many talented individuals who are to be job creators are not able to utilized that potential…however, not for any other reason but for  barriers to credit.

Some of these barriers can as follows: high interest rate. Property collateral and many more …

The effect of high interest rate to start-ups !!!

The percentage of an amount of money charged for its use per some period of time. In the financial dialect it can also be said to be the total additional amount that is charge upon request of certain money.

However, several ways are there today in getting funds for startups, but the big question is are the readily available capital favourable in terms of getting them on a high interest rate ??? The answer is big No.

During my undergraduate study I came to realized that seventy percent (70%) of start-ups usually failed before they could reach their first year of operations. According to research that were published on different business websites 3 out of 5 stated that it has to do with the the high interest rate given to start-ups to do there businesses. In some part of the world there are other ways of getting funds instead of going to financial institutions that would charge an unfavorable returned.

Angel networks are perfect funds to go in for when going into business as a startups. In a case were there are no angel networks the ultimate option normally available is to face the banking or micro finance institutions to get funds.

In a scenario where you take certain amount of money at the bank and asked to pay an interest of 35% in 2 years… The one million dollar question is can the startup be able to pay that tremendous amount of interest in two years? No is the answer. For simple fact, a lot of other expenses are to be handle in the hands of the startup.
High interest rate normally served as bottle necks in the face of start-ups in moving forward with their business.

When interest rates rise, banks charge more for business loans. This means you’ll need to use more of your earnings to pay interest on your loans, which decreases profits. You might decide not to start new projects or expansions during periods of high interest rates, which hampers the growth of the company.