The Dilemma

Propaganda is being seen everywhere today even the best countries in development are into to propaganda to successfully drive their agenda of me myself and I , which speaks to the rampant corruption, nepotism, and the winner take all syndrome. Massive unemployment rate and unfair distribution of wealth to the suffering mass is seen everywhere today. As stated in a report 8 richest people in the world today wealth can even enough to suffice the entire global poverty line rate that is constantly increasing instead of decreasing.

However, to solve this, here are things every government need to do to quench the thirst of the scavengers if I may put it.

1. Encourage massive development in the social economic wellbeing of it citizens that is of accessible to all, without any bias, favour, colour, region, religion or sentiment.

2. Develop credit founding hubs: credit founding hub is of greater important if really government in the twenty first century are to succeed in what they had promised. Many a time because it is so difficult to access finance many talented individuals who are to be job creators are not able to utilized that potential…however, not for any other reason but for ¬†barriers to credit.

Some of these barriers can as follows: high interest rate. Property collateral and many more …