Negative expression didn’t allow me into business !!!


with all the opportunities I still didnt get into business simply because i was a procrastinator… in the world we live in anything can happen. working with well minded people has given insight about the important of doing business is the best choice one can make when the right entrepreneurship ecosystem is created, however when the system is there, and you fail to tap into such opportunity could be the greatest risk.  Below are some of the questions that will restrain you from getting into business:

I dont know  how:  this is a killer, when i have all the opportunity to start my own business i did not start, simply because i dont  know how? the enterpreneurship ecosystem was there but procrstination didnot give me the chance. however little did i know that everyone was born empty handed…meaning everything starts somewhere and some how, for me I didnot think that way, rather i was looking for ready-made situation where i will get a  job work and earn my living. I dont know how is a big problem! reason been no one tell you not to try. passion is one thing that keeps one going in the mindst of challenges. you fall you  get up again, that is how the statusquo should look like. whenever we put “I dont know how” in the middle of our decision we are simply creating a room not to start.

How can i get there:  this however shoud served as trouble shotting, when you want to acheived something that is better and well organised. in a situation where i could have acheived a lot in setting up my own business i didnot do that rather i was hoping at the ultimate goal (profit) at the begining. speaking to experts has significantly outline how it is good to set a target. but going into business as a fresher or startup your initial aim should not be the profit side, rather if that is your strive you have failed without you being into it.