Some common misconceptions about start-up !!!


It is of the belief that their are so many people worrying from every angles with regard misconceptions to start-up. However, those who have misconstrued what is friction and what is not is unmeasurable. The facts is procrastination as been centered right in the middle of our decisions, in a case were strong focused mind wanted to start investment is becoming more delicate as they hold so many views about start-up. Below are few things you need to know about start-up.

1. Risk is higher and unpredictable: it is always said were their no risk there is little or no gain, which I passionately believe in. Risk to start-up is a misconception as life it self is a risk. startups should keep their heads high and focus on there plans on how their objectives could be achieved as that should be the focus. The risk involved in not taking the Believe that there is good in any efforts you do.

2. I see no success: it is evidence that a greater proportion of the world has ended up being a procrastinator. Whenever I see business I see hope! and last long freedom of time,money, family and wealth. However, the problems normally comes when people are in haste to succeed in the short run, many failed businesses had failed because of their quickness in realizing a profit.

3. No stable Market: it is true that the market is not stable an it would never be stable owing to the fact there are factors which are evidence which are driving forces in the market… Ranging from exchange rate, import and export, tariffs and competition. These are factors which make the business not to be stable. A greater misconception is when you believed the market is stable or should be stable.