Resources that would make you better at Business

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Meet sustainability the result which shows a business as survive or stand the test of time in the midst of competition, technology, politics, societal norms, and globalization. For sustaining a business takes a lot of preparation with regards taking into account every penny spent in and out of the business. Naturally it is evident of the fact that business will succeed when proper relevant research is undertaken with business plan to back it up. Below are things which every businesses need to succeed in the business landscape:

Finance: finance for business is critical, as expert usually say is the life blood of any business if it should sustain. Finance system is critical for any business to succeed. Pending down arithmetical record is vital, as it shows prudent steps on how the business is moving. Any business that has the finance and take down proper record of it activities is bound to sustain and succeed.

Assets  & Location: asset is very important if business is to succeed. When a business has physical asset it gives people courage to locate and patronized with your business. Customers always like to see physical property of the business they patronized with. Don’t forget also that location of business help in, improving it sales and increase in it customers base.

Human resources:  as some academics have said, employee is the most value asset of any organization. With regards to such when a business have quality and productive employees that contribute vital input into the organization, will help aid the progress of the organization.

Educational Materials: 

educational resources is important if the business is to succeed, a business which has done it research properly is bound to succeed as compare to the one who has not. When a business has carried out is marketing research it would be able to know the opportunity, and threat as such it would be able to grab the opportunity and fight the weakness with in, especially when threat tend to show up.

Fragility in the system


I personally at once could not have imagine that there is breakage in our system of governance. It a shame as a country our system do not have the strength it needs to over power personalities…as it stands individual are stronger than the system at present. Reason for me to write this piece is my belief of what am presently envisaging as a citizen of  Sierra Leone were certain individuals that suppose to drive the system to function properly are misusing the state coffers and there office. Trust of the ordinary SierraLeonean  is fast fading out as citizens nowadays do not have the courage an might to share certain information that will bankrupt individual completely that misuses their office of trust. Moreover if you tend to disclose certain vital information you will end up be the evil one. When such is done others that will benefit of such misuse will name you as  “Witch Hunt”. Currently we are living in the status quo let us leave things as they are. I want to say we have leave things as they are for a very long period of time without seeing any changes in the mega population. Few people are benefiting from this broke system whiles others are languishing in abject poverty and diseases. No sooner than often I always say posterity will judge us. Let us say for any reasons we past away and do not leave behind any solid foundation or blueprint that our children and grand children will ride to start with and themselves start making good decision that will benefit their own children and generation to come. As it is we are going no where as decision maker I call the opposition are wishing nothing but evil to the ones in power an as a result when they come to power is the same! you don’t wish me well I don’t wish you well. Our country and continent is bleeding. No true one we can call a patriot although always we here people claiming to be a patriot of the state. In addition I want to see or start by seeing serious functional system that is solid and a system that will served as deterrent to individual that go against what has been set to promote peace and development.