Africa Versus its Youths



Africa is home to many as they always say!!!  But the real truth is situation to youths in Africa is unbearable. looking at the current dispensation in Africa government in government out… hopes and aspirations of our Youths is fast fading as the saying goes a hungry man is and angry man. The situation of the African Youths is becoming  desperate as policies and sense of direction is not there to give them hope, The most difficult thing is to fight someone that doesn’t have nothing to loose in that case he doesn’t mind dying. Moreover there are many things we need to change in giving our youth a complete sense of direction. Because it is only when we give them hope that is the only time they will think within themselves that we have something to live for. The crooked policies have not help an inch since the time of liberation. For this few years I have began to trust the process on how certain countries in Africa has started putting policies that rhyme with the millinium in terms of trend. I want to give that hope that Africa will not be fool forever and the better and prosperous Africa would be certainly attained.