understanding the processes of tourism is a good start to revamp its potential, moving forward as a country that is highly intrested in a robust changes and development of tourism should have a mindset of understanding where we want to go and how we can get there as a country. as such we would plan a strategic way, and implementation of our plan that will set out the bigger picture of the problems and chellenges that are currently delaying the processs of acheiving a lifetime prosperity for the now and yet unborn generation. I always asked myself why are we so wicked to sierra leone, reason been that there is conscience in everyone’s life; if you are doing something that is benificial the mind will tell you, also if you are doing bad your mind too will teel you. why are we destroying our Ecotourism? it is like a culture that to say I dont care what the next man is doing that will span in destruction in the near future even when i have the chance to say stop i would rather sit and look when things get wrong we blame the creator. Below are some things to help change the game of tourism in sierra leone:

1. Taxes & Visa: taxes frustrate the level and amount of people that are expected to come in country, to start with especially taxes that has to do with landing permits, visa to enter the country is high and people look for country nearby that has little taxes and visa fee as a second destination. moreso we should always think that we are in competition with other countries. Government should put systems in place to have a favorable balance tax and visa system that will encourage more people to enter the country as such when their is greater influx of visiting people arriving in the country, that in return create more jobs,more revenue in every facet of the country econmy.

2. Transit Fee: transit fee is a new phenomenon in our dispensation today almost everywhere you go today you will see an entry fee to a community, since i have notice this as a citizen of this noble land it’s high time the government of sierra leone put measure to it, if not totally stop it but minimized it reppule effect to the downgrade of our tourism. word of mouth is a powerful tool in adevertising. for anytime people travel and notice in the first place that all what the people are wating for is to collect money that could not have any better explanation with reflection to development.

3. Developing Historical Monument: As a country we must not forget to preserve our monument as that will help us to know and remember our past. Today what I see is that a lot of sierra leone historical sites has not been preserved…Banana Island is one historical place that have not been preserved. The history of slavery cannot be complete with the exclusion of Banana Island. Many are Time the people that are intrested in the ruins of the slavery activities tend to felt disappointed when they get to Banana Island to their greatest suprise they always found out that the place is over looked by the government… meaning Government pay less attention to it.