Huge Number of university relationship has proved to be failure !!!

As the saying goes we live to learn! And we learn to live! Taking close look at the status at which the universities love as proved not enjoyable is worrisome at some point. Having gone to the University and watch closely at how relationships mostly are been broken in several ways is a bit scary. As it stands it seems as if university love is a test not exam!!! Which means people are in to it to practice there Future love life affairs properly in other to make no mistake when the right one comes, so I may put it. Below are some things I have uprooted in the brake away:

1. Exams: many relationships in the universities are there today only because of exams!!! In a situation were you have one dulled headed individual in the relationship and all he can request or really need in the relationship is to pass his or exams after which nothing else… Both of them will be in the relationships were the other agenda is not pure in the relationship, all what he is wating for is the day the date will be announced for their graduation and then end the relationship straight off. Knowing truly that I only love you because of string which is very bad and dishonesty is very bad in relationships.

2. Financial situation : A lot of problems in relationships this days start from money especially not able to meet one’s basic needs in the relationship. It was old and was really old saying which speaks that women in the twenty century were less requester of money than women of today, I one hundred percent believe in that base on some instances: in a situation were the population has exceeded the natural resources which has lead us all to start finding as if the life will never come to and end. Peer pressure is also another thing to take into consideration, where Mary has a source of income that is stable and forthcoming Sarah also want the same, and as such the relationship of Sarah will be treating because she wants the same or better source of income in her relationship. As such if Sarah’s Guy is unable to give her what she desire the relationship will end within a blink of an eye.

3. Job: it was once said that education is the key to success and I believe,but the saying is going in a different direction where you struggle to enter college, you struggle to pass the exams after which you graduated and still can’t find a job. Watching closely I have seen many university lovers had scatter their relationship immediately after college and happen to find out that the guy hasn’t got a job, it is like lighten the relationship come to and end.