Three Things Every Job Seekers Should Know

Having graduated from the University has pay less success as I was expecting in a circular world that speaks the general slogan the more you learn the more you earn. I want to say I believe to this slogan to some extend! My take is simple and clear in a situation where someone had gone to the University and read series of out dated courses will definitely will make your earning not productive. Having understood the challenges face by graduate all around the world has given me the strength to put down this content. Below are Three things every job seekers should know :

1. Cv speaks the real you:

In every job application you send out, always prepared to apply correct information on your Cv. Having attended a lot of interviews I have come across a situation where I have been ask to produce certain document in the interview, it was a strength I was able to take out the paper I claim to have acquired. Many a times people attaching or including document or achievement they have not acquired, for some interviews you may be lucky but for some it won’t help out. Always stick to draft a good and sincere curriculum vitae.

2:Tailor your cover letter only for the job applying for:

Laggardness has caused us to loose a of interviews that would have resulted to an employment. I see some applicants having just one general cover letter that he normally send out to any vacancy he sees. Tailoring our cover letter base one the job descriptions will eventually make us to stand out of the crowd. When we apply by this we will realize that am not the only candidate that is applying for this position.

3. Attending interviews doesn’t mean you have got the job:

Attending interviews really don’t mean you will get the job, rather the interviews you keep attending will make you much stronger to be able to answers future interviews questions in the correct manner. For example in the interview you have been asked where do you see yourself in the next five years??? The answer you will give shouldn’t be I want to be a millionaire or I will be a business man. Any street Jack and Jill will say that answer. In answering such questions the intervierwer want you to look at the position of the interview at hand and see if you can transform yourself to a person in that organisation as a team lead or much higher hirarcy than the present interview at hand.