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The name Sierra Leone dates back to 1462, when a Portuguese explorer sailed down the coast of West Africa. There seems some dispute whether it was the shape or climatic conditions that influenced Pedro da Cintra to come up with “Sierra Lyoa” meaning Lion Mountains. Some say the coastal regions looked like “lion’s teeth”. Others […]
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Huge Number of university relationship has proved to be failure !!!

As the saying goes we live to learn! And we learn to live! Taking close look at the status at which the universities love as proved not enjoyable is worrisome at some point. Having gone to the University and watch closely at how relationships mostly are been broken in several ways is a bit scary. […]
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Three Things Every Job Seekers Should Know

Having graduated from the University has pay less success as I was expecting in a circular world that speaks the general slogan the more you learn the more you earn. I want to say I believe to this slogan to some extend! My take is simple and clear in a situation where someone had gone […]
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