camera-fashion-guy-1156540.jpgI always say to myself that the generation will get things done for everyone base on what its contains, little do I know that struggle, hustle, selfishness, greed, and hatred have embedded the society as norm. The disappearance of love,empathy, pity… are know more to be seen  its has taken  a paradigm shift and the shift is immense, whenever i see a youth I see the generation and whenever I see this generation I see it as youthful generation. Youth they say we are the bed rock for this generation and I know that as well. The generation I see is a generation where the youths are struggle with there leaders, their parents,there peers and so on. I don’t want to say the youths are not helping themselves the truth is that they have been caught up in a fast developing century where parents, leaders , and decisions makers at some  point don’t know what is going on. Sometime I read articles of different kinds trying to understand why the generation is still or has delay to come out with a tangible policy or policies to help out its youth???. The youths of this generation are trying hard if not all of them but the vast majority are trying one way or the other in developing themselves mentally, spiritually, and socially. The one that are trying in some parts of the world see only but little progress not because of any reason because there leaders in those countries are not helping in the situation. Youths in  my country (Sierra Leone)  where am leaving have fought several battles yet they are focused to mordan day trends and its development. when working on and island call Banana Island!!! in Sierra Leone exposes me to see a lot how youths in this part of the world network to find a job.The jobs are there but few …even few that are there is not for the youths I have read several news papers publishing vacant positions asking  the minimum age to apply is 35 years old and one must have attain seven years of experience. I want to ask again where actually do you expected to have work and why you don’t wont to try us with these vacant position to start with ??? another question I want to ask again where actually do they want the youths to get these experiences from ???.  The youth are really suffering with the immense challenges of this generation.Help out the youth to  get out of this bad luck if i should put it !!! please try and help out empower a youth and see the difference it will make around you and the society in particular.