They say slavery has been abolished!!! Am doubt about that. Africa was known for series of glories, sometimes people say civilization started in Africa and I know it. At a time when the world is moving so fast to the extent we as African still are in a state of confusion not knowing where to start. In a situation where us as Africans has turn slaves in our own land is totally diabolic and insane state  upon us to find ourselves in this position . We have everything to move forward as a continent yet we have been caught up by dependency state which makes us believe always a messiah must come to rescue our situation. Sense to manage our continent is completely useless I will put it. Upon all the educated people we have in Africa we have still not able to distinguish between practicality and theory. All what I see about Africa development these days is theory on pepper basis. Until we have a paradigm shift we are going nowhere. Things I see presently around the world should have been and eye opener for Africa leaders … always these days on the internet, newspaper, and televisions headlines you will hear thousands of Africa leaving their land in search of greener pasture. Thousands have been caught and killed on peoples boarders thousands are been drawn on international waters just to have their survival. Moreover we are seeing establishment of foreign businesses in Africa each and every day but little successes could be seen. People that works in these businesses has nothing to show on their retired the maximum time of working set by some countries could not be met by these foreign investors or firms .from and expert point of view looking at the minimum wage in sierra Leone is totally  absurd to the highest level . With all senses how can families having two children working for the whole month and have a take away home salary of only $70. How the individual would balance that amount in his or her home is crucial many a time workers’ wages are been spent before receive it so serious at the end of the thirty days no salary remain.  My motivation is still strong for the development of Africa.  Little by little we will get there one day if only we act now. It is only in my country Sierra Leone I see foreigner has more space than the indigenous. When you the indigenous wants to speak they will bow under the table to communicate and at some point they are been bulling but can’t speak out …because immediately they speak they will eventually seen as the odd ones. In my opinion I believe that most of the problem we are facing today is because we have not set a better precedent to go by.