The must pay price for African development


All years out we have seen a change in regime. Countries to countries. Elections upon elections. President- in- president- out. Yet we are stack in one position as “change” because it constant . Competent leaders have come and gone. Good leaders are coming day by day. But the stories of African are just the same why? Corruption has been embedded in our “African” society as qualification to move forward; but the truth is it destroyed us to go backward ten times as “waist”. Whenever I speak to young African on the present state of African development few young people give ears to listen while the majorities just say things will not get better. With my experience and vision for Africa I believe that we will definitely bounce back with great ideas that will transform this continent “Africa”. This is the time! Now. I don’t want to believe that we must depend on foreign donors for our survival as Africans. But as it is now “tok am go  tok am kam” our leaders are still looking towards the western world for our survival to move forward. We are in a confuse state where we don’t even know where to start ,hungrily  masses  are watching for the “lighting messiah” to change the game. Hope is around 0.05% for the greater populace. We have all the minerals resources “that what they say” en I believe that …Africa must have been a place that could have definitely receiving huge profit from our God given continent  in terms of our touristic sites and places. “We have peace” they say en I believe that as well. Upon all the tragic moments we have gone through yes there are others who always keep their heads up and high for the slightest opportunity to strike back into their aims and objectives in moving forward. Countries like Ghana, Morocco, Egypt,Senegal,south Africa and other few are on the verge to give its people better service delivery in those countries. As our able professor said we are going nowhere if we do not realize that we are on our own. “Professor Partrick Lumumba”. Once we realize that we must solve our own problem in our continent that the times we will start getting to a well organize state. As it stands we are confused with series or lot of policies on the table not even know where to start. Continent like Africa must have learned series of vivid lessons as we move along .the state of my continent has totally confuse the two youth and elders in the land as we don’t have any specific age for youth as we go along. The habit of culture is disappearing slowly as ever before. Africans these days are giving a percentage in pride to the extent that we don’t even what to talk about what makes us distinctive “cultures” not anymore. these days you measure things of yester years to the young the majority will look at you as if you come from another land.

Some of the things we must do as Africans to bounce as ever before are as follows:

  • Respecting the leaders:

Respecting our leaders plays a great role in country development. Many a time we don’t tend to respect our leaders base on the egoistic nature of our minds which normally can be link to tribalism, regionalism, nepotism and lot more. When we realize that it doesn’t matter what background or region our leaders come from that the time we will start to achieve success in it is we are lacking behind because of the above mind set of the majority of our country men. People only respect the leader in authority if they are coming from the same region or background, without that people will see you less important because you are not related in any way.when it comes to national development everyone should put hands on deck to achieve the aims and objectives of the leader in power only if we cultivate the habit of honors.the habit of respect is vice –verse-se.


Where are our African designs, food, carving, storytelling, drama and lot more? Majority are gone .presently battling with few. We have forgotten our history and most of our history can be portraying with the help of storytelling and drama. Bringing of some of our dying lost glories will immensely change the game of the African story. Culture will definitely bring us back together .as for now we are divided base on the culture some African has inherit from the west .when they come on their return from the state to Africa they see all things as garbage and absolute, despite all the movement we might have made we should still should not look our culture as useless because it what unite us as people.


Vice propaganda is on the increase about our society “Africa” even us that are sons of the soil talk ill about our continent. I have had a conversation were some guys said I would rather be in prison abroad(Europe), than staying in Africa. When I first hear that conversation I immediately said to them that there is no place like home. Following are some of the thing we can talk about Africa to bust our morale in the international: Africa has the world largest concentrated minerals in the world. Moreover half of the world mineral can be found in Africa. In addition Africa has the most educated president  in the  world that is Robert  Mugabe  and lot more…

  • Start anything that can employ yourself and At least two people.

The problem start when we don’t want to begin ,I tell you most of the world multimillionaires start from humble beginning en …once we starts we will reach to the position where you will have time to plan around your life to fixed certain things how you want them to go. If you are a petty trader do not say I can not move further than petty trading. Just by starting the strength will definitely come as you go along and by that you have built a confidence within you that will shape the way you think and act as well.

  • Fight corruption with precedent.:

Corruption has been the order of the day in my continent “Africa” not to say we are the only place or continent that has corruptions there are other countries as well. But the truth is you can speak better on a subject if you know it, because I lived in Africa that why I can authoritatively say corruption is keeping us behind. Many a time we have been caught up in a situation where corrupt officials are left  unpunished. Because stiff or hard precedent has not been set that is why we  keep seeing this satanic act I will put it. money or project which should cater for thousand one or a group of greed elite or politician will sit on it and eat it as if it is and inheritance. ,this days corruption is at all level, even the  ordinary man also give and take  in bribery. To fight this shameful and disgraceful thing we should set precedent on the corrupt official immediately the act occurs . for me whenever someone have done any corrupt practices I thing it best the flog that individual so hard in public to the extend he will never forget it . secondly charge or find the individual money that will keep his life bankrupt forever.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Its the Bretton Woods Institutes that have locked this continent in continues debt cycles. Speaking from Cairo, I can tell you how much I hate the IMF loan we just received which forced the country to remove much needed subsides, resulting in increased prices, pushing more people into poverty. I think the most important aspect in what you wrote is fighting corruption. Corruption in Africa is the reason why even the best laid out plans achieve little results.

    Which country are you from?


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