This is life you know me yesterday and today am a new and change man life is a process an the ultimate desire of man is to live life to the fullest .life is a test and we would never get exactly what we desire .perseverance is the ultimate power that will keep us going  at all time. in a situation where the challenges being faced by the world today is immense and great. the cost of living is getting higher and the survival of the ordinary man is so unbearable. with a world full of educated elite in every aspect of academics qualifications yet still we have been caught up by constant state of ciaos .selfish and greed are the societal distorting factors that is preventing us to look into the bigger picture which will give us the love to see human being as humans rather than animals. i have the strength to purse  my dreams so must you . in my absence the world will know little ,more or nothing all base on what i do today.if i leave a better footprint the young will learn and start from where i left and i will be recognize for what i did when i was alive . if we go just like that without leaving any footprint is a problem . the young must  have something or somewhere to start from .whenever i sit with people with understanding i normally ask myself  if only people are persevere in their undertakings this life would have seen an immense peace . because  we have not been persevere in what we do that is why we normally stop half ways …we normally starts something  in a good pace ,once we get a shake or we realise the effect of a problem in our way we tend to stop and give up on the has been a test since it start and it will always be a test .the process of life is with us let us try our best and leave the rest to God ,with such we can sit and observe the process with time and perseverance.