The Travel Mind


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life was meant to spend as a traveller .wondering how the world would have look in a situation where there is no movement …everyone for himself God for all. thanks to God for allowing the people to travel place to place . travel teaches a lot that no two cultures are exactly the same .when people travel they get to know the hidden treasures in the world .travelling make us also to understand that we must embrace diversity .we are all one . we can only know that we are one when we travel to places, to understand how life is for the next individual. I have chosen to write on this topic for few reasons . below are the following  reasons:
we can grow that love for diversity if only the world take travel as a right . when we travel we get to meet different people and the relationship we built on that point normally takes us far and wide to unity. human heath begin to function well when he or she meet new culture and try to understand their difference upon understanding the difference we get to appreciate that love is all we need to move forward at this present stage of dilemma we are in .
I start to understand that no two cultures are exactly the same when I first met a Nigeria man who explain how the nigeria people prepare their main dish upon the man completion i one hundred percent concluded that the food will not be good for consumption , to my greatest surprise i have to try the food when i tasted the food i later asked for more because my mind had already told me that this food will not going to taste good that same mind after tasting the food later thank the man for such a wonderful food . i  also told him that such food exists in the world and i never knew. that tells us by meeting one another we can be together just by appreciating the difference.