“Solution for this century”


We are just passing through what we do today will surely show up in the future. Looking at present situation speaks a lot about how far we have come as humans,circle after circle generation after generation… The subconscious mind always think that life is unfair to  stay in this world even for an hour.  successful and negative thinking has embeded in our society where people only believe in what they see. What the mind say is contrary to how we act sometimes good sometimes bad.  Not with standing about the delima of decision making in the world today. The vast majority do not believe anymore in what they do. Few people believe in what they do base on self esteem and confidence  to shape the future for its people .my aim for this blog is to serve as self motivator that would help people take advantage of the present and build hope upon what surround us.

Twenty one century 21st is as challenging as washing both hands in “burn oil” people hope is as low as five percent to succeed. I tell you we would always live in this situation if only we don’t act “now”. Believing that nothing is impossible is the altimate  key to this failing state. The solution to this fake believe in us is as follows :

Maintaining a relationship with your creator  : we should always try to maintain a healthy relationship with our creator no matter what we do because if everyone fails you he will not. My motivation to stay with the creator is strong and yours as well should be. Moreover if your relationship is strong you will always have the inner peace to act upon what you believe is right.

Charitable deeds : charitable deeds help  oneself from scary  obstruction engaging in charitable deed can surely save you from problems accross.  Many a time people forget this aspect of life… Finding money and continue to strive for more without any charitable deeds let us all at some point sit down in our coners and asked ourselves what go thing have I done to help Society move forward???. If the answer is nothing,or no !!!. Then act now. Do any little charitable deeds to help play a part in  this worldly life.

Stop procrastinating : procrastinating is a new syndrome in this present era… People thing of doing something, having the skills and Power and yet  resistance to change  .being a procrastinator is a source of backwardness to your own life and society in particular. Always do things on the time you have the chance.  Do not believe that you are faillure to society. If that’s what your mind is telling you  please make sure to increase in your giving.

In addition I have realized that greed limit one’s knowledge to believe that there is more to what the mind think and what the eyes sees.