Volunteer is a new road to land your first dream job in today’s scarce and challenging job market . volunteer is the process of enter into any services willingly to have an experience and add value to oneself. look back in the days when immediately you leave college you get yourself a job; well paid job . this has eventually changed , where by you go to college these days you wait for years to land your first job. things has changed has the competitions among job seekers is continuously increasing day after day . for Africa there is no more confident data that one can point to and say this is the percentage of those that are working and those that are not. every statistics on it own. survival of the fittest “Charles Darwin”.  in as much as the situation is like that , young vibrant youth across the word should take volunteering as and option to get a job these days.

moreover, employer are looking for people with experience .but sincerely where can one get this experience after leaving college without any previous job ?. The technique am going to show you is as follows:

firstly whenever you fills like getting job has become something else just apply the following methods.

  • Always make sure to have a well updated CV :   make sure to have a curriculum vitae that is stand out many are times when I look at people CV it borders me to ask how can one write a CV these days and state just the following , persons name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and email address if any. school years and finally referee. I say to you that is long gone we must look at what is trending in today’s world CV preparation… we must make sure that we have all what it takes to have a perfect balance resume.
  • Make sure to add any achievement: you must not forget to add achievement gain.To start with academically,entertainment,sport, organisation, write your achievement to a way that employer will like to read at any time.
  • Always write for open entry jobs in any institution  many are times we do not apply for jobs this way , but i tell you this is one technique we must not leave out, continuously writing application to institution for any job . that they have for beginners.