“No Education is Better Than Half Education “

Working in banana island tells a lot about how is important for oneself to have good and quality education . Sitting all by myself I had some community people saying “this man dae make money ”
Upon understanding that phrase I come to a conclusion that it is important to have education. 

How can a business operate on and island and the community elite do not wish well for the business.  I know that Every aim of a business is to make profit.  From close observation I have realized that every business on the island profit must be shared equally with the community regardless of what others assistance the business are giving to the community. Wondering how can a leader in community tell his subordinate that this business has made over 300,000,000  .for me I will understand and make my judgement where as for others that are not educated they will just  take a digest whatever information is in their reach… Hence that normally tend to spark problem with communities . Many are times  we should pledge ourself to be communtiy helpers rather than community destroyers .