My beautiful Sierra Leone


Whenever I sit to observe the wonders of the world I look no further than Sierra Leone  . Few days ago I was at a location where I cannot fully explained what is nature and how nature can be at times. The above image is Kent!  The cloud was splendid to such and extend it portray our national flag colors green, white and blue. That tells me that we are really bless . Several places for tourism I can confirm that to measure but few are banana island, bunce island, Turtle Island and lot more.

The love we have for strangers will probably make us succeed as a country .the era we where painted as decorations for people to see, and tell us that your country is beautiful and just sit without us taking any action is achede. I believe with the rapid development of technology and the ethusiatism of the young I certainly sure we could and we would move from grass to grace with this blessing.