“My vision For African youths “

When I see myself I imagine two things always success and failure…

“both in this world and the hereafter “

.the hope of the ancient youths and the youth of today is like a world apart. The old days when government was a job producer and job maker has long gone. 

This days the population has out way our recourse not because they are not there, just this shameless man call “corruption “.

Every facet of our daily lives has been connected to corrupt practice what will serve ten thousand people just one single greedy selfish man will sit on it as this his his family inheritance. Don’t want to say we don’t know our problems we know them and we accept them as problems the one things is that we are resistance to change.

It is high time as youth in Africa we take our problems, our future into our hands .

We should start looking for ways to create income rather than expense.

We should think entrepreneurship.

I tell you all our leaders have failed us.

But we still have a chance to succeed as youth… Reason being we still have our “continent “.

Let us believe in ourselves we can do it with the help of  God/Allah.