“No respect as we stand”

When ever I look at my country sierra Leone I see great potentials in the young !!!

When I look at their daily activities it bordered me to and extend I want to cry why ??? The question is why our leaders are not creating the platform for Young people to strive?? many are times when u see the young in sierra Leone u see poverty …you see joblessness! Upon all of these there is still room for improvement .

To start with it high time government start taking the concerns of the young into utmost important . those who are currently employed to foreign companies or businesses are regarded as slaves in those businesses ,no respect, no regard ,no better pay as we stand “we have turn into country in our own country” foreign businesses are operating there businesses making huge profit and pay sierra Leonean a chicken pea ,our workers are molested each and everyday …they work like Wolf and earn $65 a month .what will that money do instead when the month ends they have to sick medical treatment. Afterwards nothing to show .as we stand as young people the concerns of our feelings are yet yo be heard ! … See no evil hear no evil .may God save us all.